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Purchase is handled by Depth SA and can be performed via PayPal.
Moreover, you can use your credit card with no need to create a PayPal account.
After payment, you will receive an e-mail with a download link.
This link will expire after a few days (or 5 downloads), so don’t forget to keep a backup copy of your original file.

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How to use Promenadd Player:
- Click the picture below
- Use your mouse (or your fingers) to walk into the villa
- Walk with your mouse wheel (when available)
- Select some ‘points of interests’ to jump into different places
- click the menu at the bottom right of the player and select options (full screen, zoom, step walk, point of interests,…)

3d scan view of Supersaxo Room in Sion Switzerland
Demo Promemandd Cell Shading Panorama 360 HD FOR 3DS MAX
Demo Promemandd With IRAY - Panorama 360 HD FOR 3DS MAX
Demo Promemandd Renovated Office - Panorama 360 HD FOR 3DS MAX