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Promenadd offers to architects, engineers, designers and graphic artists
the ability to transform their 3D creations into virtual worlds using ‘Panorama 360′ view.
The process used by ‘Promenadd’ keeps 100% of the rendering quality and details of original projects while offering optimum performance when viewing HD.


  • Promenadd VIZ for Autodesk® 3D Studio Max® (Trial version)
  • Promenadd HD player (Trial version)

System Requirements

  • Computer running windows XP, VISTA or SEVEN (32 or 64 bit) with memory and CPU configured to run Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Autodesk 3ds max (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 or 2013)
  • FLASH player Active X
  • 10Go of free HDD space

Thank you for your interest in evaluating Promenadd VIZ plugin for Autodesk® 3DS Max® software.

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Promenadd_VIZ_Trial_setup.exe (revision 1.3 / Nov. 29. 2012)
Promenadd v1.3, 2012 © DEPTH SA


29.11.2012 - version 1.3
Bug correction:
- IMPORTANT: In 3dsmax "design" version, the first panoramic image (first point) could be incorrect/broken
- IMPORTANT: in 3dsmax 2012 the complilation process could freeze when the popup 'Cancel' is opened
- VrayCamera name containing hyphen "-" character could produce an error during render process

- Additional warning messages to prevent errors of use
- User interface cleanup
- Player: Added flash plugin detection into javascript

10.11.2012 - version 1.2 RC !not released as trial!
- Removing point will not apply correctly in some case
- Player: Close button added for zoom panel
- player: Menu close twice after zoom panel open

25.9.2012 - version 1.1

Bug correction:

- IMPORTANT: Depending on system configuration, COM object error occurs when adding point, route or both.
- Precision lost when system unit is set to meter,feet or bigger unit
- Point helper are bigger when system unit is set to meter
- Point target are bigger when system unit is set to meter
- Reset doesn't set default value to current unit
- Numeric stepper now supports two digit float value
- during first scene start, promenadd layer remain active after closing promenadd
- License activation on 3ds Max 32bit overwrites license activation on 64bit

- Faster compilation after rendering (less memory use , and less disk access)

19.9.2012	- 1.0d
Bug correction: Affect some configurations of Vray w/ Physical Camera, panoramic images are incorrect (lines/joins are visible on the side of each image)
Bug correction: Affect light precalculation procedure by not exporting frame from all points may result in incomplete light precalculation
Bug correction: Rendering Path is not created when ligth precalculation keyframe button is used. 

14.9.2012	- 1.0c
Bug correction: in some 3ds max 2013 configurations panoramic view could be corrupted (image doublons at 90°).
Improvement: point deletion using 3ds max tool instead of promenadd VIZ tool.
Improvement: route deletion using 3ds max tool instead of promenadd VIZ tool.
Trial improvement: adding title/description/copyright/url to trial version

10.9.2012	- 1.0b
Bug correction: blank screen in Promenadd HD Player in a few 3ds max configuration

4.9.2012	- 1.0  
Initial release