Promenadd Player for iPad now available for FREE

Promenadd HD Player for iPad is now available on iTunes App Store for FREE

Feel free to download our new App for iPad here:


Promenadd Player for iOS features:

  • play all projects created with 3DS Max and Promenadd VIZ Plugin
  • Access to your projects with a simple url
  • Download your projects locally and play them WITHOUT any internet connection (offline mode)

Share your projects
Involve your stakeholders
Convince your audience


About Promenadd: Promenadd offers to architects, engineers, designers and graphic artists the ability to transform their 3D creations into virtual worlds using ‘Panorama 360' view. The process used by 'Promenadd' keeps 100% of the rendering quality and details of original projects while offering optimum performance when viewing HD. The plugin Promenadd VIZ is directly integrated into your 3D software (Autodesk 3DS Max). It calculates navigation paths and points of interest. Using capabilities of the 3D software (with most of rendering engines), 'Promenadd VIZ' automatically converts rendered images in multiple resolutions thus avoiding having to use postproduction software. 'Promenadd HD Player' allows sharing 3D creations on any web page, website and iPad tablet. 'Promenadd HD Player' adapts the quality of the content taking account of the network connection and media used. These tools provide the ability to share 3D projects easily and navigate in a 360 degrees universe. It is really immersive and intuitive.

Promenadd Player for iOS