elcome, Dear creators of atmosphere and universe !

Every 3D picture has its creator, and he knows how complex scenes and objects takes time, energy and a solid experience of 3D tools to achieve perfection.

Promenadd VIZ gives life to your creations in the highest rendering quality, the one you’ve chosen.

VIZ lets you make images with your own 3d rendering engine...your own choice...your own settings.

Test Promenadd HD Player now:

Demo Promemandd Renovated Office - Panorama 360 HD FOR 3DS MAX

How Promenadd works ?

First of all, you need 3DS Max©* and Promenadd VIZ Plugin

1. set the paths to be calculated
2. then scale your 3D rendering engine according to your preferences
3. and finally launch promenadd VIZ. Our plugin will compute all the paths you already defined
Trust me, It's very easy !

Once images are calculated, VIZ saves data (images and parameters) in a single local directory that you can copy and share (using FTP or network tools)
You can upload the Promenadd folder into your favorite web server and share the path with your customers, partners and friends,
to enable everyone to see your work using promenadd HD Player for the web and Promenadd mobile**

Promenadd VIZ is the plugin to have in your 3DS Max© library

*3DS Max©/3D Studio Max© developed and produced by AUTODESK
**Promenadd HD Player -Mobile version- is in development for Android and iOs Devices, stay tuned!

How to create a Panoramic Scene With Promenadd

See results here

Demo Promemandd With IRAY - Panorama 360 HD FOR 3DS MAX

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