3D Designers

“Are you dreaming in 3D ?
With Promenadd, navigate into your imagination beyond limits”

hen you build a visual creation in 3D, you put all your know-how and your competencies to bring life to your ideas.
But when you have to present your work to the public, what choice do you have ?

Of course you can print it on glossy paper or you can create slideshows and play them on several HD displays, you can spend days and nights to create a video of your project or you can also re-build your files to be compatible with commercial real time 3D engines…and configure a powerful (and expensive) computer for your presentation.

Unfortunately, in the above cases it is almost impossible to show a faithful representation of your work.
"The question is : How can I render the most accurate image of what I’ve created ?"
Static pictures only show a single angle of vision of your 3D universe, video don't allow to stop and admire your work in a 360 view, and real time 3D engines force you to compromise on image quality and details, degraded by an application that you do not control.

With Promenadd, you can represent the most accurate vision of your 3D creations.
You can touch the screen and navigate in 360 views.

No matter if you have a computer, tablet or a mobile phone, Promenadd shows your 3D projects in HD quality, based on your work created with your own rendering software.
No quality loss, no degraded details, no compromises!.

How it works?
You can export your project from your 3D software and deploy it on internet or on your local devices.
Your customer will have the best visual and interactive experience ever.
They will be immersed into your projects.
They will be able to touch the screen and play with your creations, sharing them with their colleague, friends and families, every time, everywhere.

Make it easy with Promenadd !

Test Promenadd HD Player now:

Sion Bourgeoisie (3dscan / mentalray)

3d scan view of Supersaxo Room in Sion Switzerland

Sion Supersaxo 2 (3dscan / mentalray)

Demo Promemandd Cell Shading Panorama 360 HD FOR 3DS MAX

Simple Demo (cell shading)

Demo Promemandd With IRAY - Panorama 360 HD FOR 3DS MAX

Simple Demo (using Iray Renderer)

Demo Promemandd Renovated Office - Panorama 360 HD FOR 3DS MAX

Renovated Office

Luxury villa demo

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