No matter if you plan to build an individual house or an entire city,
the key of your success is in the final presentation!

uring the presentation of your architectural project, you need to hold all the cards if you want to convince your customers and your investors in a few minutes

That’s why some important architects and real estate companies are investing a large part of their promotional budget in audiovisual content.

Using videos is one of the best way to present architectural products. It gives a positive and dynamic image. However it means that your audience is passive and cannot interact with your creations.
And when the show reaches the end, your customers are ready to be convinced by your competitors.

With Promenadd, you don’t have to give your money to expensive audiovisual agencies, you don’t need to waste all your nights on video editing equipments.

Your 3D production team is able to manage paths and point of interests directly in your 3D software using Promenadd Viz. Your team can produce a final version with your preferred rendering engine in HD quality. Then you can deploy your projects on the web and share them with your customers and investors.

With a simple URL, Promenadd HD player shows the final result immediately on mac,pc, ipad or android tablet and even mobile phones.
The rendering quality comes from your 3D software and your plugins.
Forget "cartoon- likes" presentations!

With Promenadd you can use your raytracing software and produce images with your  render farm or cloud.

The number of objects is almost unlimited. You don’t need to minimize complexity, remove textures or objects, disable background or decorations like trees or grass. You don’t need to reduce resolution.

With Promenadd, you can walk around a tiny garden shed, or you can drive in a huge city built with millions of 3D objects.

Your customer will have the best visual and interactive experience ever. They will be immersed into your projets. They will be able to touch the screen and play with your creations, sharing them with their colleague, friends and families, every time, everywhere.

Make it easy with Promenadd !

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