Precision and quality of details are essential in every presentation of industrial products.

Some softwares are able to render 3D products in real-time, however most of the time they require powerful hardware configurations and expensive licenses. Usually, presentations of products must be driven by the 3D specialist to avoid mishandling of navigation, computer memory problems or rendering issues.
With Promenadd, your products presentations are successful, because they are simple to build and manage, easy to navigate. They use efficient technical and human ressources.

How it works?
Your engineer builts your project in his 3D software.
Using Promenadd VIZ plugin he defines paths and points of interests, then starts to render the project using all capabilities of his local server (or any cloud/render-farm).
When the project rendering is finalized, he deploys data through the web and starts to share them.
Instantaneously, the product manager can start to show the presentation directly on his favorite tablet, mac/pc computer or mobile device…

Anytime, anywhere in the world he is able to navigate into your project in 360°, using Promenadd HD web Player or Promenadd HD app for Android or IOS.
Promenadd optimizes the online streaming in HD to offer the best interactive experience for you and your customers.

That’s our key to your success!